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Direct Election Products, Jokowi Rejects MPR Becoming the Highest Institution

President Joko Widodo is worried that the amendment to the 1945 Constitution will lead to the return of the president and vice president elected by the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR). "That is interrelated. If the GBHN is carried out by the MPR, it means the president's mandate MPR.

If the president's mandate is the MPR, it means that the president is elected by the MPR," Jokowi said during the One Table program at Kompas TV, Wednesday (8/21/2019). Jokowi also stressed that he would be the first to refuse if the president was re-elected by the MPR. Also read: DPR Speaker Calls for Proposal Amendments to the 1945 Constitution Need to be Assessed "Because I am a product of direct choice by the people," Jokowi said. 

Therefore, Jokowi hopes that the discourse on the amendment of the 1945 Constitution that appears at this time needs to be studied more deeply. Do not let this amendment cause unnecessary political shocks in Indonesia. "Because now the global economic pressure, global geopolitics are not profitable, do not add to the problem because we want to force amendments," Jokowi said. "An in-depth study is needed," said the former Governor of DKI Jakarta. 

Also read: Chair of the MPR: Amendments to the 1945 Constitution related to the GBHN Are a Recommendation of the Previous Period While the revival of state policies, according to Jokowi, may indeed be necessary. 

However, he later doubted whether the amendments to the 1945 Constitution carried out by politicians in Senayan would really only be limited to that discourse. "Is it not going anywhere? Because I have already talked with the party, how come it is different," Jokowi said.

The GBHN that was implemented during the New Order era was removed in 2000.

Since then, the government has used the Long Term Development Plan (RPJP) as the basis for development. Then, the technical language is made in the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN); The RPJP is valid for 25 years and the RPJMN is valid for five years.

Some people are worried that the proposal to revive the GBHN could return Indonesia to a new order era and damage the presidential system.

Image result for foto presiden jokowi
Jokowi was the first to reject the president being reelected by the MPR

That is why President Jokowi rejected the 1945 amendment that led to the return of the president and vice president elected by the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR).

Jokowi also stressed that he would be the first to refuse if the president was re-elected by the MPR. Jokowi wants the president and vice president to be directly elected by the people.
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Minister of Finance RI was Elected as the World's Best Minister

Another proud achievement was achieved by Putra Indonesia, Sri Mulyani Indrawati Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia who on Sunday (11/02) was elected as the Best Minister in the World given by Dubai leader Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The award was awarded after a rigorous selection process by independent agency Ernst & Young.

According to Wikipedia, Ernst & Young (known as EY) is a multinational professional services firm based in London, England, United Kingdom. EY is the third largest professional services firm in the world by revenue in 2012 and is one of the Big Four audit firms.

EY is the most global managed firm of the Big Four. EY Global sets global standards and oversees global policies and service consistency, with services to clients performed by member firms.Each EY member country is managed as part of one of four areas. This differs from the more centrally managed professional services network.The four areas are:

EMEIA: Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa

What is the meaning of prestigious awards for women who are often called "Mrs. Ani" is?
The success of reducing the poverty of the people of IndonesiaSri Mulyani received the award at an annual meeting called the World Government Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The event was attended by government leaders from around the world to discuss governance and public policy processes and their links with technology, innovation and other topics."Sri Mulyani and his team at the Ministry of Finance proved successful in eradicating corruption, improving transparency in the government and under his administration. Indonesia managed to gain tangible results in reducing poverty, improving living standards, and improving transparency of public finance transactions," the host read out a series of achievements successfully achieved by Ani.The prestigious award is routinely given annually to the outstanding figure since 2016.

The award is dedicated to the people of IndonesiaThrough her social media account, Ani presents the award for 257 million Indonesian people and the ranks of the Ministry of Finance who have worked hard to manage finances with full integrity and high commitment. In addition, by winning the award as the world's best Minister, Ani can explain to the world what are the achievements of Indonesia."We also have the opportunity to be able to explain what challenges and efforts have been made by the government to address various development issues and create solutions," said the woman who had worked as Managing Director of the World Bank in 2010-2016.

Evidence of achievement, Indonesia's development efforts recognized the worldSri Mulyani certainly did not forget to say that the award can be received thanks to the leadership of his boss, President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo. Ani admitted honored to get the prestigious award, because it means the world appreciates the development efforts that have been done by the government."Hopefully this award can further motivate the Government of Indonesia to be able to carry out reforms to prepare young people to face challenges, changes in technology and changing world faster," said Ani via video blog with the backdrop of Burj al Arab luxury hotels. 

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Jokowi "Effect" and The Likes of Post-Election Entrepreneurs

The implementation of the 2019 general election which runs safely and peacefully received a positive response from market participants. The day after the election on Thursday (4/18/2019), the market was euphoric. The Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) shot up to the level of 6,568 in the beginning of trading. 

Although, this euphoria is also used by market players to take profit taking. In addition, the rupiah exchange rate also strengthened a day after the election. Even the Garuda Currency almost left leaving Rp. 14,000 per US dollar. At the opening on Thursday (4/18/2019), the rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar had touched the level of Rp. 13,995 per US dollar. 

Image result for liputan pemilu capres

Also read: Deja Vu IHSG Post-Presidential Election Investa Saran Mandiri Director Hans Kwee said one of the actors rose in the JCI and the rupiah exchange rate due to the "Jokowi Effect". "Mr. Jokowi's basket shares strengthened in response to the quick count results," Hans told, Thursday (04/18/2019). Based on a quick count of a number of survey institutions, Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin was indeed superior to Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno. 

He predicts that the strengthening of the JCI and the rupiah will take place within a few days a week, but this also depends on the flow of foreign funds entering. Meanwhile, Quoting, Sunday (4/21/2019), Senior Analyst of the Indonesian Securities Award Bertoni Rio said, there were several stocks from various sectors that could be released to bring post-election profits. 

The sector is banking, construction and infrastructure. Sectors that can be directly affected after the quick count result show the superiority of the Joko Widodo-Maaruf Amin pair. 
Semringah The quick count results of a number of survey institutions that showed Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin's presidential candidates excelled from Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno were indeed welcomed by entrepreneurs. 

Chairperson of the Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association (Apindo) Hariyadi Sukamdani said the entrepreneurs were pleased with the superiority of Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin in the quick count results. "Happy, meaning that it is in line with our expectations. So the preferences of entrepreneurs are indeed more for Pak Jokowi to continue (his government)," he said when contacted by, Jakarta, Thursday (04/18/2019). 

The 2019 presidential election was the turning point of businessman's trust after the DKI Jakarta Election 2017. Read also: Entrepreneur's Message for the Chosen President: Don't Choose a Standard Minister In 2017 DKI regional elections, ethnic, religious, racial and inter-group (SARA) politics did emerge. This raises concerns for entrepreneurs. "Kan, the wait and see of the businessman since the DKI Pilgub was loh. That was the turning point for people to be not confident, they were hesitant about our political direction," he told, Jakarta, Thursday (04/18/2019). 

Apindo has a close relationship with Jokowi. This is one of the factors why the entrepreneurs in Apindo are more inclined to Jokowi-Ma'ruf. During his time as President, Hariyadi said, Jokowi always opened communication with entrepreneurs so that the relationship between the two parties was maintained. In addition, Apindo assessed that it would be very risky if there were drastic changes in the president and ranks of the government amid the slowing global economic conditions. "If the bride is economically, there is a transition period. 

This is a problem, mas, the world economy is bad, and suddenly there is a change," he said. "It takes time to make the transition to choosing people and so on and not necessarily those people who have not been able to be capable. That will be a problem. So if most are asked by entrepreneurs, what do they want to go on," he continued. Meanwhile Chairperson of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Rosan Roeslani revealed, the business world saw the results of the quick count as a momentum to maintain optimism. 

Rosan is also optimistic that investment will increase in the second half of 2019. This is due to the safe holding of elections so as to foster the confidence of entrepreneurs to do business.
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Certificates that must be bagged by NYIA Airport Managers

New Yogyakarta International Airport or NYIA starts operations on Monday, April 29, 2019. Before starting activities like other international airports, there are many requirements that must be met and obtain certification from various institutions.

NYIA Airport has received an Airport Certificate or SBU from the Ministry of Transportation and the immigration office which has been built and has also received a certificate from the Directorate General of Immigration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The two certificates were received by PT Angkasa Pura I as the manager of the NYIA on Monday, April 15, 2019.

Image result for gambar bandara NYIA

"After going through several verification processes either from the Ministry of Transportation or also Aviation Security or Avsec, NYIA was declared eligible for airports," said NYIA project spokesman Agus Pandu Purnama, Saturday, April 20, 2019. "With the certificate, NYIA is feasible and may be used for flights. "

As planned, the first flight at New Yogyakarta International Airport will be conducted on April 29, 2019. Previously, on Friday, April 26, 2019, the first landing test will be held with a Garuda Indonesia aircraft carrying 175 passengers.

After arriving at NYIA airport located in Kulon Progo, passengers will use various means of transportation, such as the Damri train and bus to their respective destinations in Yogyakarta, Borobudur, to Adisutjipto Airport in Yogyakarta City.

On the contrary, the passengers will also carry out simulations towards NYIA airports from various origin points, for example Magelang, Borobudur, Kebumen and Adisutjipto Airport by using Damri buses or trains from Yogyakarta Station and Maguwo Station. "We will calculate how much time is needed to get to the destination," said Agus Pandu.

Why Sri Mulyani Go Back To Indonesia ?

The name of Sri Mulyani is one of the female figures with a myriad of achievements in Indonesia and recognized in the international world. He is the Indonesian Women's Leader and also the Indonesian Economist. He was even elected as Best Finance Minister in 2006 and later Forbes magazine chose her as the 23rd most influential woman in the world in 2008 and the second most influential woman in Indonesia by Globe Asia magazine 2007. 

Sri Mulyani
Sri Mulyani is known to be very critical with commentary comments and analysis, and also popular is the figure of primadonna stage that appear in talk show held by a private television station Indonesia. At that time while still a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (FE-UI), he also actively became a government adviser with several other prominent economists in the National Economic Council (DEN) Council in the era of Abdurrahman Wahid's government.  

He has served as Head of the Institute for Economic and Social Research of the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (LPEM FEUI) since June 1998.In the era of government Joko Widodo Sri Mulyani Indrawati appointed by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to serve as Minister of Finance (Finance) since 2016 ago. 

Previously, Sri Mulyani also held the same position in the government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono since 2005. Then, he served as Managing Director of the World Bank.In the Rosi program aired on Kompas TV on Thursday (10/08/2017), Sri Mulyani told her why to "go home" to Indonesia and accepted President Jokowi's request to become Finance Minister."At that time I was in G20 meeting in Guangzhou, China and then I was invited to lecture at UI (University of Indonesia) and there were some activities in Jakarta," said Sri Mulyani. 

In Jakarta, he met with President Jokowi and informed him that he had a series of World Bank missions in Jakarta.In essence, said Sri Mulyani, he told President Jokowi that he returned to Jakarta because there is a mission of the World Bank.Later, President Jokowi said that if he were in Jakarta, he would not have to go back to Washington DC, USA and be the only minister in Indonesia. 

President Jokowi's statement made Sri Mulyani shocked."I told President Kim (World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim) I was shocked, I went to the mission but did not return (to the US)," Sri Mulyani recalled.Sri Mulyani's decision to finally accept the request of President Jokowi until finally sworn in as Minister of Finance happened quickly.In fact, he claimed to have no white clothing defined as "dress code." 

President Jokowi also informed Kim about Sri Mulyani's new post. The head of the World Bank must finally hurry to the other World Bank leaders regarding the decision.Related reasons Sri Mulyani accept the offer of President Jokowi, he admitted that the consideration is none other than the deceased both parents.Sri Mulyani said, both parents have advised that the best job is to serve nusa and nation.Both parents also had a message about the importance of benefit for others. During life, make the most of life to give."Starting from a smile and saying good morning to the husband, to the child to the good work so as to give more for others.This is a very miraculous view," said Sri Mulyani.


This is Johannes Marliem's Discussion Before Killing To Tempo Magazine

Johannes Marliem is warmly becoming a conversation in social and electronic media, especially as a key witness mega corruption project electronic identity card or e-ID card found dead and his death is still a question mark.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia confirmed that the man who died on North Edinburgh Avenue, Los Angeles, United States, was Johannes Marliem. "The local security authorities are still investigating the causes and incidents before the death," Foreign Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir told Tempo.The cause of his death is still unclear, there are some media reporting the death of Johannes Marliem due to suicide. But another media called Marliem was shot dead by local police after he took his wife's wife.

Johannes Marliem (
 The concerns of this case will not be fully revealed without Marliem's ​​presence. In fact, the KPK once mentioned e-KTP corruption is one of the most complicated cases ever addressed.
Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) said the death of key witness of e-ID card case, Johannes Marliem, could hamper the performance of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in dismantling cases that dragged the names of big politicians in Indonesia.
ICW researcher Donal Fariz suspects there is a systematic effort against the KPK. This effort began with the attack against the Kasatgas e-ID card case until the death of Marliem."The death of JM (Johannes Marliem) is increasingly showing an obstacle in the case of e-ID cards.This is a systematic form to fight and hamper the KPK in dismantling a scandal that allegedly involves many politicians," said Donal

Johannes Marliem is called as a key witness, because the man has evidence of talks with the e-ID card project participants.Not only that, Johannes Marliem also has evidence of his meeting with the Chairman of the House of Representatives Setya Novanto. While Novanto himself has denied involvement in e-ID card corruption.

 A few days before the death of the man had several times communicate with Tempo through instant messaging and phone applications. The first contact occurred on April 27, 2017, almost two months after Koran Tempo for several days preaching the confusion of receivables collected by PT Biomorf Lone Indonesia, the provider of biometric recording devices (fingerprints, iris and facial photos) as well as managers of the recording system E-ID card project. In the end of February until the beginning of March, Koran Tempo also wrote data on the prone population leaked because the storage server is still controlled by foreign companies. 

Johannes Marliem as the Managing Director of Biomorf Lone LLC who was in charge of PT Biomorf Lone Indonesia, suddenly contacted Tempo on April 27, 2017 through an instant messaging app on iPhone and asked for a phone number connected to the WhatsApp app. "At that time, Marliem refused to mention his identity," said Chief Editor of Koran Tempo, Budi Setiyarso.On May 9, 2017, Marliem again contacted Tempo and sent a recording of someone he called Irman recording, a former Interior Ministry official who was accused of an e-ID card case. Tempo again asked his name but did not respond.Two months later, on July 17, 2017, Marliem contacted Tempo again. He claimed to read the article Koran Tempo entitled "KPK Kejar Proof of Engagement Setya Novanto to America". This time he opened his identity. Conversations are made through the phone application for two hours. Marliem told e-ID cards from upstream to downstream. "He also always stressed that the government is still owed to his company," said Budi. 

The next day, Tempo contacted Marliem via a video phone application. Tempo intends to ensure that Marliem's ​​face that appears on the video is the same as his photographs spread on the internet. After it was confirmed that he was Johannes Marliem, Tempo interviewed him.The result of the interview is then published in Koran Tempo, July 19, 2017 edition entitled "Witness Hold Proof of Setya Engagement". In the edition there was also a snippet of interviews with Marliem about the evidence of his conversation with some people on the e-ID card project. The file size reaches 500 gigabytes.  

Tempo had confirmed to Marliem whether all the information he gave could be written. Marliem replied, "Write it down."Image results for johannes marliem photoTribunnews.comTempo magazine also interviewed Marliem separately. The results of the interview are published in the July 24-30, 2017 edition of an article entitled "Hunting Evidence Abroad". To Tempo, Marliem admitted to having been questioned by the KPK and playing the tape he had. But he did not submit all the records to the KPK because the anti-corruption commission was reluctant to grant his wish: to recommend to the Home Ministry to pay off the debt to the company.On different occasions, the KPK declared payment to Biomorf potentially add to the state's losses. While the Ministry of Home Affairs repeatedly said that payment to Biomorf is the responsibility of the consortium of PNRI, the winner of the tender e-ID card project. 

 The Ministry of Home Affairs said it has paid the entire project fund through the consortium.After the news in Tempo newspaper and Tempo magazine Marliem again contacted Tempo. He complained why Tempo did not raise the issue of his receivables as a major problem in writing. He also corrects the amount of debt that the government should pay as it claims. Not US $ 90 million or Rp 1.2 trillion as stated by the Ministry of Home Affairs, but about Rp 540 billion."As an independent media, of course we can not be driven by sources. There are so many criteria why a topic is written, one of them is because of the vast public interest, "said Budi Setiyarso.After that, Marliem again contacted Tempo on several occasions. In the conversation, he no longer complained about the news written by Tempo, even several times to joke. 

 Marliem last contacted Tempo on 4 August.In an interview with another print media, Marliem claimed to be able to prove everyone involved based on the recording he had. The e-ID card case itself has dragged many names.Among them are former Director General Dukcapil Irman, Director of Information Management of Population Administration Sugiharto, member of House of Representative Markus Nari and Chairman of DPR RI Setya Novanto. In fact, did not rule out there will be a new suspect in e-corruption corruption that cost the state Rp 2.3 trillion.

When Marliem was reportedly killed on Friday, August 11, then, Tempo contacted him through the number and contacts of applications he used in a number of interviews. Everything can no longer be contacted.
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